The MLB site has an article on how the Reds players in the AFL are faring. The short of it is that Denorfia, Howard, Nelson, and Simpson are doing well. Hanigan, Votto, and Hudson are not. You can see the Reds Players AFL Stats here.


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  1. Jim McCullough

    I wouldn’t say Nelson is exactly lights out.

    It would be nice if Howard is an answer at 2B in the near future.

    Votto might do better if he was getting some playing time.

  2. Tom

    I’ve noticed that Howard has been playing a lot of 3B in Arizona. I’m guessing that may continue when he’s assigned to AAA next spring. That way they can have him and Bergolla, and hopefully Olmedo too, in the same starting lineup. I also hope they assign Guitierrez there to play 1B.