Here are the Reds Six Year Minor League Free Agents:

Cincinnati Reds (27)
Pitchers: Jason Andrew, Joel Barreto, Lance Caraccioli, Eric Eckenstahler, Juan Frias, David Mattox Jr, Tony Mounce, Travis Phelps, Jeriome Robertson, Brian Rose, James Serrano, Thomas Shearn, Andy Van Hekken.
Catchers: Steven Lomasney, Brian Peterson, Orlando Sulbaran.
Infielders: Rick Bell, Travis Chapman, Eric Crozier, Jose Leon, Jorge Mejia, Alejandro Pelaez, A.J. Zapp.
Outfielders: Alexander Fernandez, Norris Hopper, Robert Stratton, Pedro Swann.

Mattox, Serrano, Peterson, and Stratton are the only ones I’d be interested in holding on to.


One Response

  1. Jim McCullough

    I concur especially Mattox, Serrano, and Stratton.

    Stratton could be the next Kornecko. Let’s not screw it up this time.