This is the first time since 1968 that the Reds finished dead last in the NL in ERA.

Kind of telling when you see that the Rockies above your team in the pitching column.

In the 124 seasons since the Reds reappered in the American Association this is the worst staff ERA ever for a Reds team against the league, it’s the 3rd year in a row with a plus 5 ERA… a dubious feat that is nothing to be prideful of, the only other two times the Reds had a plus 5 ERA was in 1930 and 1894, which also happen to be the the 2 biggest offensive years in the history of the game.

One pitcher cannot fix this mess, nor can two, nor 3… I’m thinkng burn it down and salt the ground at this point.

3 years of plus 5 ERA is pitiful. It’s the domain of loser teams like the freaking Phillies/Browns/A’s from the depression era, it should be a paradigm moment for anyone out there who actually thought the pitching was fixed.

It’s the poor pitching legacy of the Bowden regime, plus the cowering in the corner, business as usual approach from the current front office that enabled this to snowball and run out of control.

It’s a nightmare to watch a world class offense be backed up (mostly) by a legendary staff of have- nots and never will be’s

It’s sadder than a Bread tune at an 8th grade dance.

ERA                           YEAR     ERA      ERA    
1    Reds                     1894     5.99     -.67   
2    Reds                     2004     5.21     -.90   
     Reds                     2005     5.16     -.94
3    Reds                     2003     5.09     -.80   
4    Reds                     1930     5.08     -.11   
5    Reds                     1895     4.81     -.03   
6    Reds                     2001     4.78     -.42   
7    Reds                     1953     4.63     -.35   
8    Reds                     1957     4.62     -.75   
9    Reds                     1893     4.55     0.11   
10   Reds                     1993     4.51     -.47 

RUNS                          YEAR      R     
1    Reds                     1894     1085   
2    Reds                     2004      907   
3    Reds                     2003      886   
     Reds                     2005      882 
4    Reds                     1886      865   
5    Reds                     1930      860   
6    Reds                     1895      854   
7    Reds                     2001      850   
8    Reds                     1901      818   
9    Reds                     1893      814   
10   Reds                     1934      801  


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Brian first met the greatest game in Detroit in 1968, that team played in a league called the "American League".... but I digress. Later after a family move he started a dalliance with the Cincinnati Reds, who perchance were in the midst of their greatest era. It was a romance that was greater than many could hope to be. After barely stomaching the strike of 1981 Brian headed West but never forgot the Reds, and even despite being surrounded by Giants and A's fans who tried to entice him with things both Green and Orange he found himself wondering what was up with Kal Daniels and was that kid from Moeller ever going to make us forget Davey. A long time member of SABR and a baseball history junkie he currently lives in Portland and can be followed at @baseballminutia

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  1. Bill

    I love the line…It’s sadder than a Bread tune at an 8th grade dance, but do wonder how many here know who “Bread” is…

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    […] The pitching has been historically bad once again. As Brian at RedlegNation points out, it’s the first time since 1968 that the Reds have finished last in the NL in ERA. As he says, “It’s sadder than a Bread tune at an 8th grade dance.” That may be the line of the year. […]