It appears that Wily Mo was hurt tonight. I turned the station and missed the injury, but it sounds ugly.

5 Responses

  1. tom

    X-rays seem to be negative, but lower back trauma can cause problems down the road.

  2. Chris

    It was very ugly. He dove headfirst right into the base of the wall.

  3. Jim McCullough

    Not the smartest move in the world.

  4. DevilsAdvocate

    When Ryan Freel first got called up as a Red, he made a play in center where he dove toward the wall to make an extraordinary catch, without looking to see where he was or how close the wall was. He dove headfirst and ground to a halt just short of the wall. It was hailed as the greatest catch by a centerfielder the whole year (as determined by the Baseball Tonight crew). Making that dive wasn’t necessarily the prudent thing to do, but it just happened to work out.

    That’s what these guys are supposed to do. Unless their abilities are truly elite (Bonds, McGwire, Ramirez, maybe Griffey Jr. to a certain extent), baseball players aren’t asked to be careful or smart; they’re expected to hustle and be reckless and go all out. No one would confuse Wily Mo for a great fielder, but he tried hard.

    Hopefully this doesn’t ruin whatever trade value he still had.

  5. Brian B.

    I agree, DA. Great effort by Wily Mo. That’s an effort Jim Edmonds wouldn’t even think of making. Jim would be jogging after the ball thinking about the lazy side-arm sling-shot of a throw he will be making back to the infield.

    And they’d give him a gold glove for it.