I’m posting this game thread from the University of Virginia’s Scott Stadium, using my Blackberry device. Virginia is up big on Duke. Let’s hope the Reds have similar success.

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  1. DevilsAdvocate

    Meanwhile my guys at Virginia Tech are up by a similar score on Georgia Tech (15). I’d love to see the Reds beat the Phillies 48-7 to make up for the debacle last night.

  2. DevilsAdvocate

    Congratulations to Eric Milton on an excellent outing…to Adam Dunn for breaking his homerun drought…and to Weathers for getting right back on the horse, saving the 3-2 win after last night’s sordid episode.

    …However, I was taken aback at the post-game interview with Steve Stewart, where Milton was the ‘star of the game’. He sounds so extraordinarily beaten down – he couldn’t even really take any pleasure in how well he pitched tonight, referring over and over to how poorly the year has gone and how baffled he is that it has gone so wrong.:sad:

    This season has crushed his psyche. His personality is not such that he can just brass it out, like maybe a Sheffield or a Graves. Milton is signed for two more years, for more money than anyone is willing to throw away. Given that pitching successfully at the highest level (majors) is accomplished with mental focus (to a degree), is there any chance that he can at the least return to his previous form?

  3. Jim McCullough

    I’m hoping that Milton can recreate himself over the offseason and come back to be a 20 game winner for this team.

    I also have to admire Weathers for admonishing himself for last night’s poor relief performance. He was shamed that he let his team down.