I’m tired of Luke Hudson, but Marc Lancaster has found the bright spot: he’s helping get the expanded bullpen some work.

Hudson has been simply terrible this year, and I’m not sure what he’s proven in his career that has allowed him to keep running out to the mound every fifth night. Here’s Kenny Kelly’s Kevin Kelly’s take:

Of the 65 pitches he threw, less than half were strikes. He also walked three, struck out three and hit three batters in just 22/3 innings.

“It seems like his history has been where he’ll have a couple innings where he just does not command the baseball,” Reds manager Jerry Narron said. “When he consistently throws strikes, quality strikes, he gets guys out.”

Hudson loaded the bases in the first inning and walked in the first run of the game. The other run scored on a sacrifice fly.

Sheesh. This is exactly what makes me angry about the Reds. Hudson has an ERA of 7.20. Real organizations that want to win do not give sixteen starts to a pitcher with an ERA of 7.20!!!

Any number of pitchers floating around could give you an ERA lower than that. Why not send Hudson to AAA a couple of months ago to get straightened out?

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5 Responses

  1. Chris

    I agree 100%. This whole Hudson thing is tiresome, and yet another example of the “Emperor’s New Clothes” attitude that prevails in the Reds front office.

  2. Joel

    Did Kenny Kelly start writing for the Post when he was DFA’d by the Nationals? 😈

  3. Jim McCullough

    There are much better pitchers sitting in the bullpen that deserve the chance to start. Cut the guy!

  4. Glenn

    I agree guys. He’s had his shot. There have been days this year when I really thought Hudson was on his way to being a front line starter. However, those days have been greatly out numbered by bad starts when he just couldn’t find the plate. I doubt that he will be with next year’s team.

    Now for the good news, I think 3 of the Reds starters may have turned the corner. Harang, Claussen and yes even Ortiz have turned their seasons around in the second half. (Read in a change of pitching coaches) However, Milton and Hudson have been albatrosses hanging around the neck of the whole team. You just can’t get any significant winning streaks going with two pitchers with ERA’s over 7.00.
    What would Harang’s record be if he’d had any run support?