The Reds couldn’t beat a nobody last night, so they get to try their hands at Andy Pettitte tonight. At least the good guys have Brandon Claussen on the mound.

The Reds need to win this one to continue the march toward the playoffs! (Or, at least, the march to .500.)

3 Responses

  1. Jim McCullough

    If Brandon Claussen were ever to throw a complete game, he would have to throw 180 pitches.

  2. Jim McCullough

    He must go full count on ever hitter he faces. Through three innings his strike to ball ratio is 10:7.

    At this rate, he gets yanked after six with a one-hit shutout going.

  3. Chris W

    Yet it only took until the 5th for Houston to get to him.

    I think the Reds are also collecting money to buy Dunn some more bats. I believe he’s broken near 50 these past few weeks.