That’s five out of six wins to start this road trip. Not bad. Only six games under .500 now.

UPDATE: Don’t look now, but the Reds are only 8 games out in the Wild Card race. Of course, there are six teams ahead of them.

Can you imagine where the team would be if they had gotten average pitching during the first half?

I think it’s safe to say that Jerry Narron will be the Reds manager next season. I really don’t have a problem with that. He’s better than Dave Miley.

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  1. Jim McCullough

    Tuesday through Sunday is key. Sweeps against the Astros and Braves, while unlikely, could put the Reds into an interesting position.

  2. Glenn

    Yeah Chad, I think you’re right. Jerry Narron has removed the interim part of his job description.

  3. al

    i feel similarly about Narron, but what did Miley do during his interim phase? It might not have been this good, but he had some success, and then it fell apart.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the reds wanted to go out of house for their next official manager, because they got burned last time taking the organization guy.

    I hope Narron stays with the team though, and i wouldn’t mind if they gave it to him, you can’t argue with 12 games over after the break.

  4. Chris W

    Narron has shown no reason why he shouldn’t return! This team has been exceptional under his reign. Not only that, he’s changed the lineup around to how most of us like it.

    He’s put Dunn in the 4 hole with Griffey 3rd and look at what has happened! Even putting Aurilia 2nd in the lineup has paid off with Freel out.

    I say keep him around at least another year and give him a shot at putting this team in the postseason next year.

  5. al

    again, i think narron has done well, and i do like the lineups more…

    but it’s pretty tough to argue that the reds success isn’t mostly due to the pitching they’re getting. The reds scored a lot under miley too.

  6. Chris

    (Tooting own horn alert) This is exactly what I said would happen – the Reds’ pitching (which was way beyond even the worst projections), naturally improved to be something nearing the guys’ career norms. Given the always-impressive offense, the club started winning more games. Narron gets the credit.

    Notice that nobody’s complaining about the “inconsistent” offense that “relies too much on homers,” and “can’t manufacture runs” anymore?

    I also note that O’Brien, trying desperately to win games in the short run to save his job, refused to trade Aurilia, Casey, Mercker, Weathers, or any other veteran would could have gotten something in return.

  7. Chris

    A couple follow ups to Chris’ response. The biggest reason that no one is complaining about the inconsistent offense anymore is because they haven’t been very inconsistent anymore, and they also have played a much better version of small ball when needed. As for O’Brien trading the 4 guys that you mentioned; that would have bee a terrible move for him to have made. Mercker and Weathers are guaranteed for next year, and at a relatively cheap price. Casey is a cornerstone and should be here, and Aurilia, wasn’t fetching anything in return, and it is better to keep him, which helped keep a competetive team this year, which brings more fans to the yard. Lindner likes that…SoCalRedsFan, Chris

  8. Joel

    The offense has only been slightly less “inconsistent” than under Miley. They’ve scored less than 4 runs 20 times in 60 games under Narron compared to 34 times in 70 games under Miley.

    The big difference is that the pitching is keeping them in games more often – in case that wasn’t obvious. Under Miley there were just 14 games where the pitching staff gave up less than 4 runs compared to 26 such games already under Narron.

    You know what’s funny is that even with all of the good pitching the Reds have been getting, they are still just 1-19 under Jerry Narron when they score less than 4 runs. That is by far the worst in the NL over that time span and it is only slightly worse than their season record of 4-50 in those games. Yuck.

  9. Chris

    Joel is right. The offense, for all practical purposes, is the same as it was under Miley. The pitching is better – that’s the difference.

    Even if you want to keep the relievers – and that’s not the worst choice – there’s no reason to keep Aurilia. He’s gone at the end of the year. As for Casey being a cornerstone – that’s just silly. More like a millstone.

    Finally, I don’t believe the Reds’ recent improvements have resulted in ANY measurable revenue increase. The tickets for August and September were sold (or not) back in the spring. I haven’t heard a single word about increased walk-up sales due to the recent warm streak. These non-decisions were made not because Lindner wanted to maximize revenue. It was because O’Brien wants to save his job.

  10. tom

    Narron has some good vibes about him. He seems to have a tough attitude but doesn’t talk too much to the press which is good. Better to talk to the players. O’Brien could be gone and Krivsky in, which should have happened in the first place. Some smart trades and/or pitching acquisitions in the off-season could find the Reds in the playoffs in 06.