After a great July, Adam sure has cooled off…

April 1.121 (OPS)
May .857
June .856
July 1.092
August .812

6 Responses

  1. Joel

    I wish all of the Reds hitters still OPS’d at an .812 rate when they are cold.

  2. Joel

    Oh, and the Reds are up 3-1 today. Where’s the game chatter?????

  3. Chris W

    Uh-oh, guess this means we should trade Dunn. He’s cooling off.

  4. Bill

    .812 is cooled off when you see 1.092 above it. 🙂

    But he is 0 for his last 15 and 2 for his last 27 and hasn’t had a HR in a week and a half. He’ll come out of it, but he has cooled off.

  5. Glenn

    The Dunn “traders” will be out in force today!

  6. Glenn

    When Dunn finally heats up again, he’s going to absolutely kill opposing pitchers. Stand by for launch.