From today’s Reds’ Insider:

The Reds’ trip to the U.S. Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Md., had a major impact on those who went.

“It was a good visit, but it was tough to see,” Adam Dunn said. “To see them laying there like that was hard. A lot of them were younger than me.”

Sean Casey said seeing the family members of the fallen was just as hard.

“You could see the sadness in their eyes,” Casey said.

Casey said it gave him a new appreciation for the armed forces.

“They’re over there fighting for a great cause,” he said. “You walked out of there with an appreciation for what they’ve done. Those guys are real heroes.”

Casey, Dunn, Ken Griffey Jr., Austin Kearns, David Weathers, Jason Standridge, Mark Berry and Jerry Narron made the visit.

A big tip of the cap to Casey, Dunn, Jr, Kearns, Weathers, Standridge, Berry, and Narron for taking the time to do this.

A BIG “What about the rest of you?”…to the rest of the players and coaches that didn’t bother to take the time. Out of approximately 30 players and coaches, less than 1/3 of them took the time to visit these heros…I’m very disappointed in our players.

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  1. Joel

    I don’t know the whole story, but it was mainly the “stars” of the team that went. It could be that the team was asked to keep the group small so as to not overwhelm the staff. I only say this because based on what I’ve read about players like Jacob Cruz, I doubt that he would just skip a trip like that.

  2. EricM

    I feel the same as Bill and also suspect Joel is right.

  3. Bill

    I hope you’re right….but I’ve never heard of a vets hospital saying, “please keep the number of visitors down”. And if not, then there should have been close to 100% attendance at this event.

  4. johngalt

    An entire baseball team can’t go visit people in a hospital or anywhere else. It’s just too many people. That’s why anytime there’s a visit in the community, a handful of players go. You’re really grasping at straws here.

  5. Chad

    I don’t think he’s grasping at straws at all. If there’s an innocent explanation, the Reds can release it. Otherwise it looks bad on the players that appear not to have taken the time.

    Of course, I agree with the sentiment re: Jacob Cruz. I can’t believe he wouldn’t have gone, given the opportunity.

    As for “an entire baseball team can’t go visit people….too many people,” I know that isn’t true, although it may vary depending on the hospital. I’ve been in a hospital when the entire Duke and Virginia basketball teams visited together, and that was well over thirty people.

  6. Mike

    You dudes are spending way too much time worrying about what Reds are visiting hospitals. It’s very likely that they keep the group to a limited number, if that’s not the case then it’s something that should be determined before calling the players out.

  7. Joel

    If there’s an innocent explanation, the Reds can release it.

    Maybe they did, but the press didn’t think it was important to relay. A boring statement like, “the Reds only scheduled 8 people to go” could have been left out unintentionally.

    I would just caution against calling out players when none of us know the whole story. I know that the Reds did a lot of site seeing yesterday (accorind to George and Chris on the broadcast last night). Whoever set up the hospital visit may have only scheduled or invited the small group. A lot of these players have proven that they are good guys in the past. So, I guess I just don’t see them blowing off a visit like this. There is likely another explanation.

  8. Bill

    I have emailed Michael Perry, the Enquirer’s Sports editor, and asked if they were limited in the number of people that could attend and if so, how many. If I receive a response, I will post it here.

  9. Glenn

    Let’s just say that a bunch of good guys who happened to be Cincinnati Reds went to Bethesda and did something nice for another bunch of great guys. Then lets don’t read into it any farther than that.
    If you couple this with the way the team treated young Antonio Perez, I think its safe to say that we have players on this team that we can be very proud of.

  10. Chris

    If you noticed, there was only a handful of players that visited the White House yesterday too. I don’t expect the whole team had the option to go on the tour of the White House, probably not the Naval Hospital either. Calling these guys out like that is not to cool. Who knows what the situation was, but most of these guys do a lot for their community and for their country, and don’t get recognized for it, nor do they ask for recognition…and then something like a visit to the Naval Hospital gets reported on, and the guys that didn’t go get lambasted. Give me a break? You don’t have to be a baseball player to visit or do something for vets, and you certainly don’t have to announce it to everyone when you do. Sometimes things are said without thinking them true, and I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt in that you probably didn’t thank it through when you, for a lack of better terms, ripped the players that didn’t show up at the Naval Hospital.

  11. Brian B.

    Glenn, you brought up a good point. What about the players who didn’t go out of their way to comfort little Antonio Perez when his grandfather died? I mean, Randy Keisler should be ashamed!

  12. Greg

    I agree with the “completely blowing this out of proportion” crowd.

    Do you know that there were other players invited and that these players had no other committments and just flat out snubbed the invite?

    Do you feel that all players have to do the same thing when it comes to community relations/service?

  13. Shawn

    I wouldn’t expect the Hispanic players to go to an American military hospital.

  14. Chris

    I tend to agree with Shawn, though I’d use the phrase “foreign-born” or “non-English-speaking” as opposed to “Hispanic.” Jacob Cruz is Hispanic and a native-born American citizen. Felipe wasn’t born here, but he has lived here since childhood (and was from Puerto Rico anyway). I wouldn’t consider those guys any different than I would Brandon Claussen or Rich Aurilia. Wily Mo, Encar, and Olmedo – I wouldn’t expect to attend.

    (By the way, the “Chris” who posted above isn’t me.)