…but Edwin Encarnacion’s OPS is over 800. It’s higher than Sean Casey’s OPS. He’s made two outstanding plays in the field tonight.

The kid is 22 years old.

He’s going to be something to watch over the next ten years.

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8 Responses

  1. Jim McCullough

    Lot of power. Five homers and eleven RBI’s so far.

  2. Brian Wallace

    Did you hear Peter Gammons on Baseball Tonight say the REDS were 2 starting pitchers away from being very good?

  3. Bill

    This team’s offense could be scary over the next several years….if only they had a brain.. I mean pitching.

  4. Chris W

    The more I see of Edwin, the more I look forward to having him around for a long time (or at least until he starts making too much for us to ‘afford’)

  5. Glenn

    Early on, he struggled. I’ll admit I thought that the Reds should keep Randa for another season just to make sure EE was ready for the big time. However, since he’s had the opportunity to play every day, the improvement is undeniable.

  6. Shawn

    I agree with the esteemed Mr. Gammons. Two good rotation starters, and this is a playoff team.

  7. Brian B.

    Are you sure Gammons didn’t say they were Chris Reitsma, Curt Schilling, Pedro Martinez, and Tim Wakefield away from being very good?

  8. Chris

    Encar IS good right now. BUT, he is at some point going to have to learn to take outside pitches the opposite way, or he’ll get eaten up by the better pitchers once the world gets around the league.