Can someone explain why the Reds think this guy is ever going to help the team?

This, on the other hand, seems like a reasonably good idea.

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  1. Jim McCullough

    Belisle could be one of the few times that Atlanta let a good pitcher slip away.

  2. Red Hot Mama

    I can’t get past the fact that O’Brien actually spoke the phrase “to the max.”

    Oh my gawd! Like, gag me with a spoon!

  3. Brian B.

    I still think it’s a stretch to move Belisle into the rotation. We have much better options.

  4. Blue

    I agree with what Brian said. If my memory serves me correctly, I read a scouting report on Belisle when the Reds acquired him in 2003. Apparently, he was able to throw 95 mph consistently as a starting pitcher, and was considered a good prospect. But, he injured his back and his fastball lost some velocity… until he was put in the bullpen this year. He can be a very good reliver, but not a starter.

  5. Blue

    BTW, he sustained his injury while still in the Braves organization.

  6. Chris

    I’m pretty up in the air about Belisle, but if there is an opening next spring, he should get a fair opportunity to start, as should Hancock. I’m not sure why this question was posed, especially when last year on a less productive team, he did quite well for his first opportunity to take the ball every 5th day. It’s tough to knock a guy when he has been hurt. I remember everyone knocking Griffey the same way, which is flat out wrong…Chris

  7. Bill

    Belisle was a starter his entire minor league career.

    His 5.00 ERA as a starter is deceiving.

    He’s started 5 games this season for the Reds and had one bad start (4/18 vs the Cubs). Other than that, he’s been fairly to very effective and they’ve kept his pitch count down, which limited his innings (max pitches was 85 in any start).

    He’d be more valuable as a starter than a reliever and should be given the opportunity to start.

  8. Glenn

    Its not as if the Reds are so solid in the starting rotation that they can’t offer Belisle the opportunity to start. I think it would make more sense to begin this next year at spring training rather than this late in the season. There are a few guys playing out this season hoping for a spot on next year’s roster. I don’t think they’ll make it, but the team seems to have latched on to the goal of ending the season at .500.

  9. Greg

    I’ve stated here many times that I think Hudson and Wilson are better suited for the bullpen. Assuming the Reds don’t sign any FA pitchers in the offseason, there will be plenty of room for Belisle to take a crack at the 2006 rotation, and it would be a trial well worth undertaking.