Yes, I do. And I like his 864 OPS.

I can’t express how much I want to see an outfield of Pena, Kearns, and Griffey, with Dunn at 1B. Add in Felipe Lopez and Edwin “Juan” Encarnacion, and you have the makings of a slugging lineup not seen in the Queen City since the Big Red Machine.

4 Responses

  1. Jim McCullough

    Trading Casey requires eating some contract. The civil thing would be to trade him back to Cleveland, who love him about as much as Reds fans do.

    The only problem with that line-up is that it will probably set a ML record for team strikeouts. I suppose that is alright if they can rack up huge run totals.

  2. Chris

    They would most certainly rack up less run totals, and Dunn and Pena alone would amass more than 400 strikeouts. Freel would be the only marginally low strikeout guy in the whole lineup. The thing I like most about Pena is that he is good trade bait…Chris

  3. Peter

    It would be an all or nothing lineup for sure, but it might also have the highest OBP of any team in the league. Dunn, Griffey, Kearns (if he ever plays like he did his rookie year), and Freel all have above average OBP’s and if Lopez and EdE hit .290 or better they’ll be above league average as well.

    I think the strikeouts are a negative, but with at least 5 guys hitting 20 or more homeruns and walking a good bit would it really be that bad?

    I would rather have that team than a bunch of slap hitting, GIDP machines like Sean Casey.

    One night when we hit a bunch of homers we would be the most exciting team in baseball, the next, when all we do is work the count but can’t buy a hit it could be painful to watch.

  4. Bill

    As mentioned, I don’t think Casey’s tradeable…not with that contract and the year he’s had.

    Of the people I’d be willing to trade (which means NOT DUNN), I’d trade Pena. I still think Kearns will be a good player and believe that Pena will always be prone to long slumps due to his low OBP.

    But I also admit that I might rue the day of the trading Pena more than I would of trading Kearns, Pena has a higher possible ceiling.