Are your odds better at catching a foul ball at a Reds game or catching Austin Kearns’ bat? Is it just me or does he have an extremely high number of lost bats?

7 Responses

  1. Shawn

    Marty is saying on the radio that he hasn’t seen anyone lose his bat like Kearns. I guess Marty never saw Tony Oliva. Guy must have used grease rather than pine tar.

  2. Chad

    I was thinking just that same thing earlier tonight. The last few weeks, it seems like he’s slinging bats into the crowd like they were t-shirts.

  3. Chris W

    I think Kearns is trying out to be a member of that wild and zany group, the Pepsi Fun Bunch!

    Rather than shoot a cannon filled with a t-shirt, he’ll just hammer throw wooden bats into the stands!

  4. Scott

    His bat-losing leads me to believe that he’s possibly having difficulty with his thumb. Just pure speculation, but maybe it’s food for thought…

  5. Chris W

    Which hand was the thumb injury on? It seems it is his top hand (right hand) that seems to fly off a lot. That would be natural as most players release their top hand at some point during their swing, but it seems his releases earlier than it should. Perhaps due to the thumb!?

  6. Chad

    That’s possibly some bad news, but it’s an explanation for his spotty hitting this year.