JD Arney: “Winning ballclubs don’t make decisions based on intangibles. Losing ballclubs do all the time. Dan O’Brien looks to me like a loser.”

2 Responses

  1. newguy

    I don’t really get this…Acevedo shows up for camp fat and out of shape, after a season in which he wasn’t very good anyway. He then hangs an ERA of 12 during spring training, gets cut, and somehow its the GM’s fault?

    And the Rockies, who see the talent in Acevedo that the rest of the league has missed, are 43-70 using whatever criterion for player evaluation that led them to this gem of a reliever.

  2. Jim McCullough

    Maybe the reason the Rockies haven’t mentioned his weight is that he got to work and lost a substantial amount of it.

    There is plenty of stuff to criticize O’Brien about without making up weak crap like this.