Blurb from USA Today

… Reds GM Dan O’Brien is expected to be fired this winter, according to sources close to president John Allen, and will be replaced by either Twins executive Wayne Krivsky or former Mets GM Jim Duquette. ..

I have no idea how credible this guy’s information is… Wasn’t Krivsky one of the candidates when they hired O’Brien?

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  1. Brian B.

    This is the same “inside” source that said the Reds had a deal to trade Griffey to the White Sox only to have Lindner void it. USA Today gets their information from internet rumor mills.

  2. Brian

    USA Today is owned by the same people who own a piece of the Reds too.

  3. Jim McCullough

    If O’Brien felt his job was on the line, wouldn’t he had made some attempts to do a blockbuster deal to save it? But then again is it another Lindner/Allen conspiracy where they have tied him hands like the did to Bowden?

  4. Brian B.

    I would hardly say USA Today has insider info on the Reds just because their parent, Gannett, also owns a share of the Reds.

    Or were you just making a comparison to the way the Reds and USA Today are run?

  5. Tyler

    I live in Tampa and am a Rays’ fan too. Jim Duquette gave the Rays’ Scott Kazmir for Victor Zambrano. I don’t want him anywhere near my front office. That is in the top 5 worst trades ever. I’d take DanO anyday over Duquette. I think Krivsky would be great though.

  6. Brian

    I would hardly say USA Today has insider info on the Reds just because their parent, Gannett, also owns a share of the Reds.

    It’s as possible as much as it’s impossible.

  7. Shawn

    Yes, Krivsky was the other finalist when O’Brien was hired.

  8. Greg

    “That is in the top 5 worst trades ever. ”
    Fortunately, or unfortunately, the Reds don’t have a Scott Kazmir in their organization, but they do have a “Victor Zambrano” already….his name is Aaron Harangatang.

  9. Glenn

    I wonder if anyone in the organization have told OB that he was due to be fired in the offseason? This is probably another rumor gone wild, much as the Linder shutting down the Griffey trade was.

  10. johngalt

    Krivsky was the guy who basically had the job and who Allen wanted to hire before Lindner made the last-minute veto and chose O’Brien.

  11. Blue

    I hope the Reds do well enough for the rest of the season that O’Brien will get to keep his job. This team is at a critical point where the have a great offense and good bullpen but need a couple starting pitchers. If O’Brien is fired, it will be a good thing for this team. We need to be able to do two things right now 1) attract free agents and 2) sign our good players to long term contracts. If O’Brien is fired, players will look at this team and say “Hey, they’ve gone through two, (possibly three) managers and two general managers in the last two and a half years. If they don’t have their act together, why would I want sign/stay here?”

  12. Bill

    Blue, the only problem with your theory is…what makes you believe that they’ll be able to sign any FAs, where is the $$ going to come from and even if they had the money, what makes you believe that OB can identify good pitching after the horrendous signings he made this season?