Reds look to continue their winning ways against the San Diego Padres tonight at Petco.

Redleg Nation’s own Chris will be in attendance; I expect a full report shortly after the game.

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  1. Chris

    Random thoughts from Section G, Row 10, Seat 10:

    – Dunn was really locked in on Brian Lawrence. I honestly knew he was going to hit the second homer. He was just sitting there waiting for the right pitch, like a spider waiting for the fly to land in the web. Both homers were no-doubters.

    – Encarnacion looks very good. He does have a very obvious weakness – trying to pull the outside pitch. Vin Scully noticed it earlier this week, and the Padres were definitely trying to get him out away.

    The good news was that he (sortof) tried to go the opposite way in his first AB, grounding to 1B. And the AB in the 5th where doubled was fantastic. He fell behind 1-2, then worked the count full, then pounded the inside fastball into the corner. He crushed essentially the same pitch for his first major league HR. I really liked his ability to drill the mistake pitch — and more, his patience to wait for it.

    – Junior looked good at the plate, and made an exceptional catch in deep right-center.

    – Hudson struggled early — he was the opposite of what they call “free and easy.” But as the game went on, he had better command and pitched with more confidence. I’d say his fastball was its fastest in his final inning. They pulled him after 94 pitches in 5 innings.

    – Overall, a very satisfying game. Looks like I’ll watch tomorrow’s in HD, then back to Petco on Sunday. I’ll try to go early to get some good pictures from BP (if they take it).