JD has some potentially encouraging news.

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  1. Jim McCullough

    If they can lock up Dunn for three years at $22 million, they better do it.

  2. Blue

    Off topic, but Travis Chick is listed as the probable starter for Chattanooga tonight.

  3. Blue

    This is good news about Dunn. I don’t think O’Brien wants to trade him, but I figured he would this offseason if he couldn’t get him signed to a long term deal.

  4. Chris W

    Why is it considered a distraction? I could understand it if we were contending for a playoff spot. But isn’t it more of a distraction for Dunn to be asked every day about his trade status opposed to having some contract negotiations that may lock him down for a few more years in Cincy?

  5. Peter

    I don’t want to point fingers or make accusations here, but Dunn claims he hasn’t heard from the front office regarding trades or contracts. Now while it may be the Reds policy to not discuss contract extensions mid-season, i would like to ask, is there anyone talking to Adam Dunn?

    We have all this media hyperbole and theorizing about Dunn being worth this much or that much, but has O’Brien even called Dunn to say “hey, we’re not going to trade you and we want to sign you to a long-term deal, but it’s our policy to wait until the off-season.” Has this happened?

    Peter Gammons reports that GM’s who have inquired about Dunn and Kearns have been told they’re “unavailable”. Do the players know this? I understand not wanting to make promises to players you may not be able to keep, but it seems to me that open lines of communication would do wonders for this club right now.

  6. Peter

    I say 5 years 35 million would be perfect. We get him until he’s thirty. The best years of his career.

  7. Matt

    $7 Million a year for .900 OPS would be a steal. I know where they can get 8.5 freed up for next year.

  8. Jim McCullough

    I don’t think Dunn will sign anything over three years.

    Kearns and Dunn should know if they listen to Peter Gammons.


  9. Hugo

    I have a question. Who really thinks Dunn would resign? I dont see any reason for him to. The Reds aren’t winning and probably wont anytime soon. And just like everyone says he is under appreciated by his own organization. Ya thats real incentive to resign with the Reds.