Nice sweep of the superb Colorado Rockies this weekend. The Reds are now .500 since Jerry Narron took over and branded the team with his own unique sort of idiocy.

Okay, so a sweep of the Rockies isn’t very impressive; it’s hard to recognize three players in their starting lineup. But they did sweep us recently, so this was a better result.

How far back are the Reds in the wild card race, anyway?

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  1. DevilsAdvocate

    At this moment they are 13 games back in the wild card. However, there are eleven teams between Cincinnati and the current leader, Atlanta. 🙄

    The Reds still possess the second-worst record in the league, 2 games behind the Pirates and Giants.

    Also, going into their four-game series with Chicago the Reds are 8 games behind the second place Cubs.

  2. DevilsAdvocate

    I just saw this on Will Carroll’s blog:

    “When Jack McKeon is fired, expect Tony Perez to step in. Perez deserves another shot at managing.”

    I guess I never considered the possibility that McKeon could be fired. GMs have short memories, don’t they? If he is fired, would he want to come back to Cincinnati? If he isn’t fired, how about Perez coming back instead? Wouuld that be a good match or not?

  3. Bill

    I don’t think anyone continued the Reds to play at the abysmal pace they had the first half. What concerns me is that if they play much better in the second half, Narron will get the credit and they’ll rehire him.

  4. Greg

    “What concerns me is that if they play much better in the second half, Narron will get the credit and they’ll rehire him. ”
    Or that Allen will retain O’Brien.

  5. Peter

    I don’t want them to lose, but if a good second half secures OB’s position…well…i don’t know what i want.

  6. al

    i think it’s important to consider the possibility that miley and gullet actaully did have some ( a lot of) responsibility in the reds dismal first half. If the reds play well in the second half with DanO’s players, i don’t know why he wouldn’t get some credit.

    I think he has made some dumb moves for sure, but not enough bad moves to warrant being 18 below .500 at the break. If milton and ortiz pitch well in the second half, i’ll give obrien some credit for putting together a team that was way better than they played before the break.

  7. Pinski

    Did anyone else see Narron’s explanation for not batting Dunn second anymore?

    After winning the first two games in San Francisco earlier this month, Narron tinkered with his lineup, batting Adam Dunn second and the Reds lost the next two games. “The third day I had Dunn in the two hole and I’m not into the Zen stuff, but I do believe in not trying to mess up your karma,” Narron said.

    Baseball superstition.