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Cincinnati vs. Phoenix
Ortiz vs. Halsey

Dunn batting 7th? Yep

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  1. With the way Ortiz is starting the game, it won’t matter.

  2. A Reds baserunner with little to no speed, getting picked off? Yup.

  3. A GIDP by Casey? Yep.

  4. A double-play grounder getting botched by the Reds defense? Yep.

  5. And now the more atypical positives:

    Huge clutch hit in a late-inning pressure situation? Yep.

  6. Quality start by one of the Free Agent Pitchers? Yep.

  7. I applaud Ortiz for putting in a nice effort tonight.

  8. Tremendous win comes out of nowhere. Good job.

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