Tonight’s Lineup is just bizarre. I wonder what kind of disorder Narron has, there appears to be now rhyme or reason to his lineup. He gets the first two right, and then I don’t know what in the hell he is doing.

Lopez .362/.549 .912 OPS GREAT
Dunn .388/.564 .955 OPS GREAT
Randa .374/.502 .876 OPS hmmm..ok I guess
Griffey .346/.508 .855 OPS ok
Casey .361/.404 .765 OPS GACK
Aurilia .303/.420 .723 OPS atleast its better than second
Pena .333/.622 .957 OPS…Damn it why waste a .622 SLG?
LaRue .348/.441 .790 OPS. He deserves to be higher than Casey and Aurilia at this point.

5 Responses

  1. DevilsAdvocate

    Question: if López is leading off and Dunn is 2nd, where should Freel slot in upon his return?

  2. mike

    I don’t mind Casey batting 5th, but I’d rather have Pena right behind him. I’ll take Casey chances of getting on base with WMP at the plate, but I have no clue why he would bat Aurilia 6th and Pena 7th.

    When Freel comes back, I would like to see:

  3. DevilsAdvocate

    Randa: given the season he’s having, I don’t see any problem with him batting third. Griffey Jr. then looks fine in the cleanup spot. Casey…might fit in better behind Peña, if for no other reason than to bow to the left-right alternation. And Aurilia belongs in 8th on merit. But it’s not that big a deal. If the top 4 are acceptable, then any other minor lineup shenanigans are small potatoes.

    I’m guessing that Peña’s streaky nature is what’s putting him lower in the order. He’s also still raw enough as a hitter that any pitcher who has an idea of what they’re doing out there _would rather pitch to Peña than to Casey_ in a pressure situation. Peña hits mistake pitches a long way, but Casey can get hits off of good pitches.

  4. Peter

    I thought Dunn couldn’t hit with runners on base…

  5. Peter

    Don’t look now, but Jason Larue is second among catchers in the NL in Value Over Replacement Player. Has this guy turned it around or what?