Here’s a game thread for tonight’s game on the west coast.

Eric Milton vs. Noah Lowry. I hope the wind isn’t blowing out in San Francisco, or Milton might set a record. Can you imagine if Barry Bonds were healthy? He might hit seven homers off Milton.

13 Responses

  1. Chad

    Hey! Casey legged one out to beat out the double play!


    Of course, he hit another weak grounder, but still….

  2. Chad

    Good thing Dunn bats seventh against lefties. He clearly can’t hit them.

    Nice HR, Dunner.

  3. Tyler

    Ten pitch AB and he hits a Bomb!

    That’s our 7th hitter!

  4. Chris

    That’s probably the best at bat I’ve ever seen from Dunn. Very nice, and he didn’t even hit that ball really well.

  5. Tyler

    I didn’t see the ab, but Dunn doesn’t have to get all of it because he’s Strong Like Bull!

  6. Chad

    Kearns has three HR tonight, as well.

    Just not for the Reds.

  7. Chad

    Okay, recovered them all.

    And Milton’s actually settled down thru six, so things are looking better.

  8. Tyler

    Go Kearns!!!!!!!!!

    Also, Nice to see a quality start from Milton. Although it hurts his chances at the ERA record.

  9. DevilsAdvocate

    PacBell/SBC Park is actually a difficult park to hit home runs in, 18% fewer relative to the average. Hopefully Milton’s turn in the rotation will also fall on visits to San Diego’s Petco Park (32% below average) and Washington’s RFK Stadium (a whopping 47% below average).

    Wonderful to see a modicum of success from our big free agent signee. It’s painful to see him sitting on the bench with his head down after yet another 3 IP, 6 R outing. I’m rooting for him.

  10. Jeremy

    good to see milton figuring out his mechanics and hitting 94 again. A ray of hope for the contract? Too bad gullet couldn’t help him in the beginning of the season when it might have mattered.

    Drives me nuts to think how different this season could have been without changing a single player, just the managment and coaches. Has to be the most frustrating season in decades.