It was announced a little while ago that the Reds’ sole All-Star representative will be shortstop Felipe Lopez.

Yep, the same Felipe Lopez who didn’t start for the first month of the season.

Yep, the same Felipe Lopez who only elbowed his way into the starting lineup because the sub-.200 hitter ahead of him on the depth chart got injured.

Yep, the same Felipe Lopez who was benched to start the season by the Reds “brain trust” — Dan O’Brien and Dave Miley — in favor of Rich Aurilia.

Yep, the same Felipe Lopez who isn’t even as good as the aging veteran Rich Aurilia — if you listen to O’Brien.


Meanwhile, Adam Dunn wasn’t even mentioned for an All-Star spot despite being one of the most productive players in the league. I can’t help but think that Dunn didn’t get All-Star respect mainly because his own team gives him zero respect, usually batting the team’s best player either sixth or seventh in the lineup. If his own team doesn’t think he’s good enough to hit third or fourth, how can he be an All-Star?

I love this team, but they will not be contenders until Dan O’Brien is run out of town on a rail.

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  1. tom

    The Reds have usually had outstanding shortstops. It looks like Lopez is in that tradition. Now if they can only develop a touch for pitching; because with their payroll they’re not going to be able to buy much. Maybe Verne can get it done.
    Dunn is the guy to build this team around. He’s a slugger with 21 HR’s so far. Who cares about the lack of sac flys and the KO’s. Getting rid of him will be a monumental mistake. Pay him what the market dictates and go from there.

  2. Glenn

    Congrats to Lopez on being selected to the all-star team. He deserves it. What he really deserved was to have been voted in.
    As I recall, the spring training stats for he and Aurilla were comparable. Aurilla was handed that job, he didn’t beat Lopez out.
    With the exception of LaRue, there are no easy outs on this team. The problem is that because of the Reds horid pitching staff, there are no easy outs on the other side either.

  3. Hugo

    Dunn wasn’t considered for an All Star spot because he isn’t one. At least not this year. All he does is hit home runs. He doesn’t hit for average and doesn’t drive in alot of runs. If he’s the future of the Reds then the future isn’t very bright.

  4. Glenn

    I have to disagree with Hugo. It’s true Dunn’s low batting avg is going to keep him off the All Star team this year. Its something he definately needs to work on. However, Dunn is still putting together a 40 hr, 100 RBI season and to me that’s something you don’t trade away. I think you build a franchise around a guy like that.
    Lopez, Dunn, Pena and hopefully Kearns are all going to have pretty good careers in the bigs. Let’s hope those careers happen in Cincy.

  5. Greg

    Did you mean to say that Lopez and Aurilia’s numbers were NOT comparable? Lopez hit almost .300 in ST, while Aurilia hovered in the 250 range.

    What makes LaRue an easy out? If OBP is the percent of times you do not make an out, LaRue makes outs less than Griffey, Romano, Valentin, Pena, Encarnacion, Cruz, Kearns, and Aurilia. In fact, Aurilia is the easiest, everyday out amongst the regular starters with a .303 OBP.

    LaRue’s OBP is .349 and has been in excess of .370 since June 1.

    Re: Adam Dunn not being an all-star…you’ll have to go back to read what has already been posted about his “inability” to drive in runs. Dunn IS an all-star, and that is why so many teams are salivating over the fact that the Reds are seriously undervaluing him and they may be able to underpay for him. Could you see Dunn in the Cardinal’s lineup? They could be easily control the NL Central for the next several years.

  6. Peter

    “All he does is hit home runs”

    I guess no matter how many times we go over this some people just don’t understand.

    Dunn: (all stats for NL)
    T-3rd homeruns
    6th runs scored
    3rd walks
    6th slugging pct
    7th Runs created
    15th OBP
    Pitches per PA: 4th

    You’re saying that isn’t all-star material? You’re saying that isn’t a bright future? I realize i’ve been selective about which stats i’ve picked, but i think we spend so much time focusing on what adam dunn isn’t that we miss what he is. He is an on-base, run-scoring, homerun hitting machine. And per the whole RISP debate, over the long run most players tend to have their RISP BA right in line with their standard BA. Besides, what is our singles machine Casey doing this year? Killing rallies and, despite batting third in the second most potent offense in the NL, not driving in runs.

    Oh well, you can’t convert everyone i suppose. Some people will always regard BA and RBI’s as the chief indicators of a player’s success, including Dan O’Brien unfortunately.

  7. Chris

    Question for Hugo: Do you like Sean Casey? All he does is hit singles. Well, singles and double-play grounders. I know there’s no reason for this never-ending Casey/Dunn linkage, but I’m always curious if Dunn-bashers feel that other Reds contribute more.