Miley did seem to be a decent guy and all, but JD has some evidence of just how bush-league he really was. Poor form, Miley.

3 Responses

  1. jay

    Please, Miley was set up. Kearns hits great in 3a. dunn half as ses in the out field on fly balls. I personnely seen Pena lose games on routine fly balls. Obrien did not want Miley in the first place, and the off season hires of pitching was a bust. As for the shirt, that was bush league for hanging on the wall in the first place.

  2. justin

    I agree. Miley was a decent manager. He had one helluva first half of 2004. It isn’t easy to manage a team with out starting pitcher, and without a bullpen.

  3. Bill

    I was all in favor of Miley getting the job originally, he had every credential you could ask for as a minor league manager, but how anyone can defend the job he did is beyond me. It’s true that he wasn’t OB’s choice, but you’re saying that he spent all that money to sign Milton, Ortiz, etc to “set Miley up”? Come on..

    I agree that Dunn shouldn’t have hung the shirt, but Miley took someone else’s property and basically stole it. Didn’t someone get released for doing just that in NY?