Here’s a game thread to discuss Game 3 of the Jerry Narron era.

Where will Dunn hit tonight?

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  1. Chris

    The good Marc Lancaster says that Encar is DHing and batting 9th.

    Here’s another troubling note: Dan O’Brien said, more or less, that this is a three-game shot for Edwin with the DH available over the weekend. They still want him to play every day, which he won’t be able to do here until the all but inevitable Randa deal is made.

    Does this mean O’Brien has decided on a 3-day sample size? Or that Encar goes back no matter what? Goofy moves.

  2. Chad

    Another stellar first inning for Milton. Almost thirty pitches and two runs scored.


  3. Chris

    At least Aurlia and Casey got to bat in the first inning.

  4. Chad

    And there’s the first homer of the evening given up by Milton!

  5. Chad

    And let’s face it: Encarnacion has looked terrible tonight.

    Most of that appears to be the fact that he’s anxious in his ML debut. He has swung at nearly every pitch that came to the plate. The guy’s nervous, and I don’t blame him. I would be, as well.

    But how big would it be for him to get a hit to put the Reds ahead right here?

  6. Chad

    Oh well. There will be better days for Edwin Encarnacion.

  7. Chris W

    But the Reds won! Nice comeback by the Redlegs tonight!

    Listening to the Indian announcers in the car at one point and they noted that Milton pitched a “good game” and really “settled in” after a tough start. Any chance the Indians need a 7.00+ ERA starter to catch the Wild Card in the AL?

  8. Chris

    Encar looked overmatched. Hopefully it was jitters.

    The Tribe TV guys showed some atrocious Milty stats that I hadn’t seen. I didn’t take notes, but I believe it was:
    – Worst ERA by a qualifier since 1974
    – Highest HR/IP of all time
    – Fourth worst Opposing SLG ever
    and one other one. Very, very few pitchers get the chance to make this many bad starts.

    Amazingly, his 6 IP, 4 ER game tonight, which would work out to a 6.00 ERA, helped his season stats.

  9. Chris W

    And our GM saw fit to give this man the 3rd highest contract on the team.:shock: