Trade Harang?

Take this for what it’s worth, but the local (San Diego) talk radio guys said that the Dodgers are looking at lots of pitchers, but they “have their sights set on Aaron Harang.” They proceeded to say why he would be a nice acquisition.

These guys are normally fairly full of crap, but they were quoting Paul DePodesta. Is there ANY chance the Reds put Harang on the block? He’s cheap, young(ish), and coming into his own.

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  1. Yes, Harang is cheap, young and coming into his own. Time for the Reds to trade him for some over the hill player or a couple of future drywallers.

  2. Does San Diego have any fast outfielders? Preferrably ones that can hit sacrifice flys…no homers please. And lots Ground Ball Singles…NO Ks!

  3. Make sure they also provide a “veteran presence”. That’s real important.

  4. Sell high (Harang) Buy low (Edwin Jackson)

  5. Harang is the best young starter the Reds have had since Browning. If O’Brien trades him, he should be fired that day.

  6. Bill,
    right now I’d except the worst out of this front office. I’m worried their getting desparate. Trades may be made just for the sake of managment being able to say they did something. By the way, the more I think about it, I like your Billy Bean managment style idea.

  7. So after an above average ERA during a 13 game stint, he becomes untouchable? It may be too late to trade him…he’s given up 14 ER in his last 3 starts (17 IP.)

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