I see that Wily Mo Pena is back and he’s in the starting lineup tonight.

Freel 2B
Randa 3B
Casey 1B
Griffey CF
Pena RF
Dunn LF
F. Lopez SS
LaRue C
Ortiz P

UPDATE: Yep, you read that right. Dunn and Lopez, who could reasonably be called the two most productive Reds thus far this season, are batting sixth and seventh.

Another data point for the argument that Dave Miley must go.

Let’s just use this post as tonight’s game thread for the titanic struggle against the Devil Rays.

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  1. Sean

    Lopez in the 7th spot??? Sheesh. I know Randa has been doing fairly well, but not like FeLo. And FeLo is faster. He needs to get on base in front of Griffey and Dunn.

  2. Chris

    Miley’s just given up, I think. He’s been battling with Dunn and Junior and it probably cost him his job. He must now know that he’s out the door, but want to get a few more jabs in at Dunn.

  3. Brian Erts


    Small Samples?

    Casey and Dunn vs LH this year


    But then again Randa vs. LH’s .241/.288/.315/.603

    So throw your logic out the window.

    Either way I don’t see the LH plowing through the whole game, hence Dunn and Lopez see less AB’s and Randa more… that’s wrong on my planet.

  4. Chris

    NOTE: Corky Romano was DFA to make room. Huzzah!

  5. Chris

    Note: Dunn and Lopez rank #1 and 2 in OPS on the Reds (among qualifiers). They bat 6th and 7th.

  6. Tyler

    Keisler’s batting again. He just unloaded on that pitch. That’s awesome. Maybe he’ll get something started.

  7. Heath


    Who’s this Randy Keisler? He obviously does not have any pictures of DanO & Ponies.

  8. Heath

    Thanks to George “El” Grande with the following tidbit

    Randy Keisler is halfway to the cycle.

  9. Glenn

    Keisler must be using L. Lopez’s bat again. God knows Luis has got no use for it.

  10. Chris

    That was a really entertaining game, and the credit for the win goes 100% to Randy Keisler. That might be the best pitching performance by a Red all season – and certainly the best non-Harang outing. And he flat crushed that homer.

  11. Heath

    Well, whaddyaknow…..

    Maybe Keisler can get Dunn’s chair….good work Randy…

  12. Blue

    Did I hear Peter Gammons right? That Junior has been talking to John Allen trying to get Miley fired?

    That is a disgrace. The inmates should not run the asylum. It could be the second insurrection Griffey has been involved in during his few years with the reds.

    Upper management should not take this mutiny lightly. Junior is not being a good member of the team and is setting a bad example for the rest of the team.

    Trade the mutineers!

  13. Glenn

    Just so you know Griffey adamantly denies having anything to do with trying to get Miley fired. Gammons although one of the best in the business, gets his info second hand just like all the rest of the TV experts. Griffey’s always been a standup guy. If he says he’s not trying to get Miley the boot, than I’ll believe him until I’m proven wrong.

  14. Blue

    I certainly hope you are right.

    You know, this team is in a crazy situation. They need better pitching, but they’ve got no place for more pitchers.

  15. Peter

    I think Griffey has every right to take issue with the way Miley is running the team. He has a superstar track record and though he’s been hurt the last few years he still commands respect. Griffey has been under enough managers to know who is doing a good job and who isn’t. I think the players have every right to run a bad manager (Miley)out of town on a rail.

  16. Chris

    1. I have heard from another source that there is serious friction between Miley and Griffey, and that Dunn is being punished by Miley for taking his teammate’s side. (If you look back at The Chair Incident, it seems to illustrate this – Dunn had a chair forever; the problem in Miley’s mind arose once Griffey got one). The Coors benching is supposedly related to this.

    2. I’m not saying he did try to get Miley fired, but I agree with Peter N. that Griffey would’ve been justified in being irked.

    We can harp all we want about how things should be, or how they were in the good old days, but the bottom line is that Adam Dunn and Ken Griffey mean a lot more to the Reds’ success than Dave Miley does. It is Miley’s job to communicate with and motivate the players. If there’s a problem, it is – by definition – his fault.

    And what was the first “insurrection” Griffey was involved in? The 162nd game incident when McKeon was managing?

  17. Heath

    Re: Griffey & managers….

    I don’t recall anything publicly between Sweet Lou and Junior that gives the impression that they were at odds….

  18. Glenn

    Chris and Blue,
    My point was not that whether Griffey had the “right” to express his opinion about Miley’s future with the Reds, only that Griffey himself has denied trying to get the manager fired. Having said that, I think it would be pretty dumb of me to think that John Allen didn’t ask his opinion when he spoke to Griff in Colorado.
    Secondly, if Dunn is going to throw a hissy over a vibrating chair, some grown up on the team needs to take him aside and show him a more mature approach to things. No one on this team, aside from Freel is having a great year.

  19. Tyler

    Why was the chair taken away. There was no reason for it. It’s not going to make him play better without his chair. It makes no sense really.

    If someone took a chair I paid 1,000 dollars for away, because he’s mad at me and for no other reason, I’d be pissed too. It just shows that Miley doesn’t know how to be a real team leader, and doesn’t have the respect of the players.

  20. Chris

    Despite how this is being spun in the “bash-the-player” Cincinnati media, I never heard that Dunn “threw a hissy.” He made some really funny jokes about the situation, which had the effect of subtly pointing out the stupidity of it all, but it’s not like he was running around complaining for weeks. Miley’s not mad for what Dunn said – he’s mad because his stupid move was exposed to the public.

  21. Eric

    I’m going to agree with Chris about that one. I think Dunn is probably irked about the chair thing, but never once have I heard about him complaining to the media. The jokes he has made about the situation have been pretty funny, and it speaks more to someone trying to defuse a situation that could get bad with some jokes.

    Also, on Griffey…he has enough seniority in the league and on this team that if he has concerns to express about Miley as a manager of this team, then he has every right to take them to John Allen.


  22. Glenn

    Miley didn’t steal his chair. I suppose Dunn still owns it. I can’t believe its become this big of a deal. If it will turn the season around, I’d advise Miley to buy the whole damned team a massage chair.