Ready for a nightmare?

Eric Milton is pitching in Colorado tonight. This could be ugly.

UPDATE: Let’s just use this as the game thread. They’re in a rain delay right now, but we’re expecting the first pitch to be thrown at about 9:30 ET.

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  1. Bill

    Hope there’s a hard hat giveaway at the ballyard out there…

  2. C. Eling

    It looks like Milton has pitched once before in Coors Field, last May 14. 6 IP, 7 hits, 3 runs, 5 walks (!), 1 K. Allowed two homeruns, and induced three double plays to get out of some serious trouble. Interestingly, 9-8 GB/FB ratio.

  3. Heath

    This note from NASA-Aeronautical Satellites hanging over central Colorado will be turned off between 7pm and 11pm Mountain Time for “potential scrambling of signals from sphere-like objects protruding from the Metro Denver Area” :shock::mrgreen::lol:

    For those who are wondering (via

    The “modern” (since 1900) National League record for home runs allowed in a game is six (6) and it has been allowed three times by three different pitchers: Larry Benton of New York on May 12, 1930, Sloppy Thurston of Brooklyn on August 13, 1932 & Bill Kerksieck of Philadelphia on August 13, 1939.

    The most home runs given up in an inning in the modern era is 4 done most notably by Mario Soto in 1986.

  4. Harry The Horse

    Over/Under is 6 HR’s off Eric the Great tonight. Reds will keep it close until the late innings when the Rockies will score, oh let’s say 8 or 10 runs to win 25 to 14.

  5. Chad

    In Coors Field:

    No Dunn. No Junior.

    But we have Aurilia and Romano in tonight’s lineup!

    Dave Miley doesn’t have a clue.