And this article explains it:

Reds officials gathered with manager Dave Miley and his staff for their quarterly meeting Friday.

When the group reconvenes – sometime before the All-Star break – it should have a much different team to talk about and analyze.

“Obviously we are well aware of the first 40 games of the season,” general manager Dan O’Brien said. “What we basically did was plot strategy for the next 40 games taking into account a number of individuals hopefully coming off the disabled list and how that might change our roster, our style of play, etc. …”

Nine Reds players are on either the 15-day or 60-day disabled list.

Again, I’ll ask the question…who is on the DL, other than Wily Mo, that this team should have been counting on to help?

Hudson? With his injury history, I wouldn’t have counted on him. I’d have taken anything he contributed as a bonus.

Weber? Maybe, but with his year last year, should they have been counting on him?

Aurilla? His last good year was 4 years ago and he was absolutely handed the starting job and was horrible before going on the DL.

Machado? Hancock? Please….

2 Responses

  1. Chris

    I just wrote Kevin Kelly, the author of the piece. Here’s what I asked:

    Who in the world is he talking about? Other than Willy Mo, who in the world is going to come off the DL and have any impact? Aurilia? I can’t IMAGINE that he’d play, given Lopez’ emergence. Ben Weber? I doubt he was hurt to begin with. Same with Wilson. Is O’Brien still hung up on the inexplicable Andy Machado? Rey Olmedo?

    I suppose Hancock will return eventually, and Hudson will give it another go, but can you really expect anything from either one? Heck, have either one even done enough to merit such hope to begin with? They seem to be, as Anthony Castrovince called them the other day, ” almost mythical creatures.”

    AHHHH, I just figured it out – Jung Bong is eligible to come off the DL on June 3. That will certainly change the Reds’ “style of play, etc.”

    But seriously, the team’s troubles have nothing to do with injuries (at least with any injuries that players will ‘fess up to having). Is O’Brien just making excuses?

    In case you’re wondering, my thought is “yes.”

  2. tom

    Maybe O’Brien did call the shots on cutting Jimenez and Graves, but I doubt it. Most everything he says sounds so nebulous and political. At this point I yearn for ‘shoot from the hip’ Jim Bowden and Marge.