How bad has it been?

The last time the Reds won back to back games was April 17-18. Over a month ago, if you don’t have your calendars handy.

Since April 18, they’ve gone 7-21.

Number 3 batter Sean Casey had 5 hits and 9 total bases on Wednesday. Even counting that, his OPS is 9th and his SLG is 10th of the 11 qualifying NL first basemen (Thanks, Mientkiewicz).

League-wide, his mightly .406 SLG has him tied with noted power hitter and fellow $8.5M-per-year man (ha) Craig Counsell, and just ahead of slugging shortstops Alex Gonzales and David Eckstein. David Effing Eckstein!

(But, if Casey adds 3 points to that .297 average, he’ll be a “good hitter” again.)

And, as you might have heard, it’s SO BAD that Adam Dunn doesn’t have a single sac fly.

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  1. Has anyone heard if Wily Mo is going to be activated for the Indians series?

  2. According to this AM’s Enquirer, he’s not ready. O’Brien is quoted as saying, ‘After getting the medical reports (Thursday), it doesn’t appear that he’s ready to come off the DL.”

  3. But, hey, on a positive note, we’ve freed Felipe!

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