The local media and Reds fans have been all over Austin Kearns for his struggles. (And yes, Kearns has struggled mightily, but this is about a double standard by the media and the Reds management.)

And yet, the “Mayor” has a lower OPS (.795-.716), less runs scored (15-13), less HR (5-1), less RBI (18-15), and less walks (12-11). Casey has more hits (41-26), doubles (10-7), total bases (54-48), and OBP (.335 – .333) but with 38 more ABs.

And let’s not forget that Casey’s chasing the ML record for grounding into DPs. (But at least he doesn’t strike out.)

Kearns has hit in the 4,5,6,&7 holes…yet Casey’s big, slow butt is cemented in the #3 hole, no matter how pathetic he is.

Is there a worse #3 hitter in baseball right now?

Does Sean Casey have pictures of Dave Miley with a Shetland Pony? What other possible explanation could there be?

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  1. Brian Erts

    The Reds 3rd spots line is this for the season (before yestrdays game)


    casey gets off on his “counting stats” as in Casey leads the team in hits with 40.

    Newsflash!! Casey also leads the team in Outs and GIDP.

    Get to the grains of the data Reds annoucers and press, counting stats have faults that are too huge to not miss.

  2. Tyler

    This is getting old. Kearns is getting the shaft from the Reds. He’s one of my favorite players and he deserves better. Chad says he hopes for his sake he gets traded. I’m begining to feel the same way. I don’t want to trade him, but I want to see him succeed, and until he gets consistent PT that’s just not going to happen.

  3. Bill

    My point wasn’t so much about Kearns, but about the fact that Casey is completely immune from criticism. Kearns has struggled…but Casey’s been at least as bad and continues to not only play every day, but hit in the #3 spot.

  4. Greg

    I think we should make a distinction between the media’s treatment of players and the manager’s job to put the best team/lineup on the field.

    Casey is the nicest guy on the team and the best interviewer. I realize that he isn’t the best hitter on the team, but since we have human beings following and writing about the Reds on a daily basis, they are more likely to give their friend/buddy a free pass than someone they can’t get a word out of.

    Second, I think these guys mostly take the words out of Miley’s mouth as gospel. If he isn’t concerned about Casey, then they have nothing to write about. Miley wants to talk about Kearns vs Pena when Pena returns from the DL, that makes a juicier story. If Miley doesn’t discuss Casey’s struggles with them, then they would be very unlikely to put forth effort to write a negative story about Sean Casey.

    It is not the Enquirer’s job to make the lineup or pressure Miley to change the lineup. He has bench coaches and a wide array of information at his fingertips. They all see Casey GIDP just as often as we all do. He shouldn’t need a public opinion poll or media pressure to prompt a lineup change. This is something Miley and his staff should recognize and correct on their own.

  5. Bill

    Greg, I’m curious as to what you believe the media’s job is? I think it’s to tell the truth, not to give the guy that they like good pub. It sounds like you’re putting all this on Miley and none on the media.

    I blame them both. I believe that one of the media’s jobs is to educate. How about actually thinking about a story, rather than just doing what’s easy? How about realizing that maybe they’re being duped and being made to look stupid by continuing to tout a below average 1B as an “All Star”?

    I’m not giving Miley a free pass by any stretch of the imagination, there is no excuse for everyone else being given days off and Casey continuing to play every day and Casey continuing to hit in the #3 spot.

    But I also believe the media’s coziness helped to get Casey his big contract (and extension) and helps him duck the criticism he so richly deserves.

  6. Greg

    I did not mean to give the media a free pass in their analysis of Sean Casey. The media in Cincinnati has always had their favorite players and favorite moves. They always tend to focus on a player’s career years and ignore their poorer seasons (even in cases like Aurilia and Sean Estes where it had been several years since their last good season.) That is skewed/biased reporting which does not do much service to the casual baseball fan who relies on the paper for most of their baseball news.

    However, when it comes to the roster card and batting lineup, I am putting that fully on Miley’s head. That is one function he is solely responsible for. It is his decision, not the media’s, to bat Casey 3rd. It is his pencil, not the media’s, that writes Casey’s name down every day. And if he has to read the paper and ask Hal McCoy & John Fay each day who should be in the lineup, then I will jump off the Dave Miley bandwagon with both feet and hope that he is replaced by a different manager ASAP. I’m ready for Miley to take Don Gullett with him.