Countdown to Rice

The NL record for grounding into double-plays is 30, shared by Reds legend Ernie Lombardi and out factory Brad Ausmus. Jim Rice holds the MLB record with 36. (The records for lefites are much lower – 32 for Ben Grieve and 27 for A.J. Pierzynski, set last year).

Through 20 Reds games, Sean Casey has grounded into 7. That puts him on pace for 57. He’s well on pace to set a record. At his current pace, The Mayor will break Rice’s record in the Reds 106th game — August 2, vs. the Braves. Buy your tickets now, as they’re sure to sell out.

(I have tickets to the Padres series the weekend before – with a little luck, I might see history.)

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  1. I’d bet that this doesn’t get the type of coverage that Dunn’s strikeout record received.

  2. Ha! 😆

    Think the Reds will market this like they did Pete Rose’s chase for the record?

  3. Darn it. I thought I had an original idea on the Reds list today. Judging by the time stamp, mine looks like plagiarism .

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