Reds need to win the get-away game today in Florida. Feel free to discuss the game in the comments section below.

UPDATE: Another topic for discussion:

Ryan. Wagner. Rocks.

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8 Responses

  1. Tyler

    Watching the game so far i’ve noticed two things. Claussen is locating well but has no velocity on his fastball. It sits at 87. He has juiced it up to 89 a couple of times but its just not there.
    Also, Aurillia has no range. LoDuca just hit a catchable ball, and Aurillia was no were near it.

  2. Chad

    I think you’re right on both counts. Claussen has looked good through three innings, but he certainly isn’t throwing hard.

    As for Aurilia, I love how Lopez is back on the bench yesterday after getting two hits, including a two run homer.

    What does it take for Lopez to get an extended trial?

  3. Brian Erts

    What does it take for Lopez to get an extended trial?

    God Kows, but I bet Dave said today… Brandon is a LH there is likely to be GB’s hit to the SS and well that means in “Miley Speak” – I’m going with the vet… lord knows I can’t afford to ever be wrong on a youngster.

  4. Berliad

    I posted this elsewhere, but I don’t understand why Randa is still batting cleanup. He’s much better suited to hitting #6 or #7, and we have other righthanders to break up the lefthanders who have much better upsides. Kearns? Pena? Maybe this another one of those “I’m going with the vet… lord knows I can’t afford to ever be wrong on a youngster” situations Brian was talking about.

  5. Chad

    It’s a great question, Berliad, and one with no readily apparent answer outside Dave Miley’s head.

    Question: has Randa ever hit cleanup on a regular basis anywhere else in the big leagues?

  6. Brian Erts

    2001- 99 ab’s in the 4th slot, next year 89. Never more than 40 since.

    FWIW Miley loves the “contact” aspect of Randa, he also probably thinks that he adaquetly breaks up the LH lineup the Reds have.

    Dave is giving outs away and taking PA’s away from the younger, more productive players.

  7. Chad

    Oh no…Danny Graves is about to come into the game.

    I need to get a drink.