From this morning’s Cincinnati Enquirer:

DOUBLE TROUBLE: Twice during Thursday’s game, Sean Casey grounded into a double play with Ken Griffey Jr. on first base. In the 14 games Griffey and Casey have occupied the second and third spots in the Reds’ batting order, Casey has grounded into a double play with Griffey on base six times.

So, I would surmise then than the double plays are Junior’s fault? Probably because of his hamstring issue? Not because of Casey’s propensity for grounding to the middle of the infield….nah, that couldn’t be it.

If Casey killed someone with an axe, the Enquirer would blame the axe.

6 Responses

  1. Brian Erts

    Owning a share of the team it’s almost obvious to me that the local rags have taken it upon themselves to really stress the point thatCasey is the face of the team. They tend to describe is personality more than his game, dressing it with an overload ofthe famous teamwork metaphors.

    I find credence in some but the barometer for a happy team is scoring runs and preventing them, not off the field realtionships and things of that ilk.

    The Cincinnati community has a long history of BA driven 1st baseman who are known for their character as much as they were known for their ability to play the game.

  2. Chad

    For what it’s worth, when I spoke with Marc Lancaster, Marc said that Casey really is as nice, as gregarious, as much a regular guy as the media makes him out to be.

    Now, that doesn’t excuse the fact that he’s hyped way beyond his talent, but I can understand…if you are talking to the guy every day, and you genuinely like him, it seems like human nature not to want to slam him in the newspaper.

  3. Brian Erts

    I believe that a team in a smaller city like the Reds needs a “Face” and they gladly dole out the love to the players with the great grin. A player like Casey sells tickets in the form of giving the fans a player that they relate to.

    It is an importnat part of the franchise’s lifeblood within the community.

    However the escalation of the salary structure makes it harder to stomach marketing over substance in the batters box.

    I’m apt to beleiver that part of Casey’s salary is because of the type of man he is.

    I’d like him to be the type of man who batted 6th myself.

  4. Greg

    I’m not sure they are entirely blaming Griffey, but it is weird that all his GIDPs have come with Griffey on 1st. And, if you not aware of the Casey bias when reading the article, I think the comment is a harsher comment on Casey than it is on Griffey. Though, I agree, it’s not Jrs fault at all.

    Speaking of Casey – who “won” Lance’s poll the other day? Does he keep archived poll results? I cannot find it.

  5. Dave Charles

    They need to move him down in the lineup until he finds his timing and stroke.

    And I agree that he’s the “Brand”. Hard to figure out how to value that.

  6. Peter

    “And I agree that he’s the “Brand”. Hard to figure out how to value that.”

    I think you value it in how many games the team wins. the “brand” isn’t what puts people in a stadium. the brand isn’t what gets you a bigger cable contract.

    as mr. james would say, ultimately it is wins that put fans in the stadium, and for the reds, that’s what matters. do people see the giants because they relate to barry bonds? i doubt it. they see the giants because barry is superstar and because the team is competitive.

    obviously, it isn’t completely casey’s fault whether the reds win or lose ballgames, but in a small market you have to be cost-efficient. the contract sean casey has is not cost efficient. not when you could play kearns, dunn, pena, and griffey every day, with freel spelling whomever is tired. i would say that is the optimal use of the reds money. those guys are either cheap or unmovable (griffey). casey isn’t cheap, but he is movable. we could trade himto the mets, he could be the face of the franchise for a team with an 100 million dollar payroll. good riddance.

    oh, and maybe the reason casey hits into double plays with griffey on base is because griffey bats in FRONT of casey and sean is a groundball hitter. hmm.