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Louisville Slugger Designs New Stick for Adam Dunn

Cincinnati Reds fans everywhere can give thanks to the Louisville Slugger company for developing a new tool to help Adam Dunn finally hit a sacrifice fly. In the Reds Notes from today’s Dayton Daily News:

Adam Dunn toured the clubhouse before Wednesday’s game, proudly displaying a bat given to him by Louisville Slugger representative Chuck Shoup. On the barrel was printed, “Adam Dunn, Sacrifice Fly Bat.” Dunn hasn’t hit a sacrifice fly since July 2003.

We can only hope the newly developed tool can do the trick.

4 thoughts on “Louisville Slugger Designs New Stick for Adam Dunn

  1. Marty’s obsession with the SF has no basis of fact or even looks at the history of no SF on the Reds ( Hint it’s happened numerous times)

    Here are the top 10 reds seasons in AB’s with no SF

    AT BATS                       YEAR     AB       SF     
    1    Pete Rose                   1973      680        0   
    2    Vada Pinson               1959      648        0   
    3    Adam Dunn                2004      568        0   
    4    Frank Robinson         1958      554        0   
    5    Ryan Freel                 2004      505        0   
    6    Eddie Milner              1982      407        0   
    7    Aaron Boone               2003      403        0   
    8    Pokey Reese              1997       397        0   
    9    Barry Larkin              2000      396        0   
    10   Ed Bailey                   1959      379        0   

    FYI Tom when I read your post the edit button appears, giving me the ability to edit YOUR post.

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  3. Oops, sure does, thanks for tip Bill, I fixed that one. Let’s try another. From the MLB Baseball Reds Official Home Site:

    “I’ll be mad if I hit a single.” — Adam Dunn, referring to his goals with his new bats, which read “SAC FLY.” Dunn, who has not recorded a sacrifice fly since July of 2003, will be using the bats primarily in sac fly situations.


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