The Enquirer reports that Brandon Claussen threw a 70 pitch simulated game on Tuesday. He’s the only player on the Reds roster not to have gotten in a game. He’s scheduled to start on April 19th vs the Cubs.

But they bring Milton back on short rest for something like the 3rd time in his career, rather than pitch Claussen.

If I were Claussen, I wouldn’t buy a house in Cincinnati or sign a long term lease. In fact, I’d probably just keep my bags packed.

UPDATE: Heard on the radio at lunch time today (Wednesday) that Ortiz has been scratched for today’s game and Belisle will start. One would assume that the reason that Claussen isn’t starting is because they had him throw 70 pitches yesterday.

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2 Responses

  1. Greg

    Geesh. I’ve read that Ortiz has a sore leg and may not last very long today. Another wasted opportunity for Claussen to get into a game, since I’m assuming he won’t pitch in a real game after throwing 70 pitches yesterday.

  2. Greg is reporting that Ortiz has been scratched from today’s start and Belisle is getting his first major league start. If not for the 70-pitch simulated game, this would have and should have been Claussen.