Sure, it’s early, but hitting seems to be up and strikeouts seem to be down…

The DDN seems to think this team is better than the last two editions.

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  1. Brian Erts

    Dayton plays a pure hitters park, the last 3 years has reaped the following Park Effect numbers.

    2002 – 1039
    2003 – 1053
    2004 – 1074

    Those are pretty hitter friendly, I expect the press to latch on to the hitting is better part of it, hopefully they’ll see that it cuts both ways too.

    A hitter friendly park makes your pitchers numbers look inflated too, just in the wrong way. I know when I look at any Louisville or Chattanooga numbers that I have to remember that both of those parks play slightly in favor of the hitter.

  2. Greg

    On paper, this team is definitely better than the past two years. Offensively, they are practically the same, except none of the starting 8 are injured yet. Hitters like Freel and Pena, who each had an OPS+ in excess of 100 last year, are the first players off the bench instead of starters (though one could argue that Pena *should* be starting somewhere.)

    The pitching, while still average at best, is much better than past year’s edition just by subtracting Lidle, Haynes, Van Poppel, and Jimmy Anderson.

  3. Greg

    OOPS! Didn’t see the subject header…thought we were talking about the Reds not the Dragons….sorry ’bout that!

    PS. Is there a good website for major league and minor league baseball park effects?

  4. Heath

    Another sell-out year in Dayton!

    Heading down the 15 minute drive to 5/3 Field on Thursday….