My name is Brian.

I’m a baseball fan…….

Some of you might know me as Westofyou on redszone.com, or from Fastball.com in the old days.

I was invited by Chad to come aboard and talk up the Reds and the game in general. You can’t get enough of this stuff IMO, it’s like Civil War History to the power of ten.

Anyway I live in Portland, Oregon around the corner from Rob Neyer (Shhhhhh he doesn’t know this) and I lived in Cincinnati from 1976-1982 where I was spoiled by the BRM. I spent the 80’s and 90’s in the Bay area watching the Giants and A’s….. however, I was lucky enough to marry a Cincinnati girl and thus I still get back there every year and get to soak up a little of the past and a little what feeds my obsession…. namely Baseball and Reds history

I was weaned on the sport in Detroit in the early 70’s and learned to love National League Ball in the late 70’s

I’m a baseball historian, member of SABR and a “Stat” guy, I also am an artist and multimedia developer and I run a web site that produces paper products magnets and Prints of pre 1920 MLB Tobacco cards.

That all said I still feel like don’t know ditty about this game and I can’t wait to learn more, I love to dive into comps and stories about the past and the minutia of box scores. So I’ll be bringing some of the garbage that rolls around in my head to you to help noise up your life.

Thanks for having me.

About The Author

Brian first met the greatest game in Detroit in 1968, that team played in a league called the "American League".... but I digress. Later after a family move he started a dalliance with the Cincinnati Reds, who perchance were in the midst of their greatest era. It was a romance that was greater than many could hope to be. After barely stomaching the strike of 1981 Brian headed West but never forgot the Reds, and even despite being surrounded by Giants and A's fans who tried to entice him with things both Green and Orange he found himself wondering what was up with Kal Daniels and was that kid from Moeller ever going to make us forget Davey. A long time member of SABR and a baseball history junkie he currently lives in Portland and can be followed at @baseballminutia

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  1. wally

    Wow, Brian. You lived here from 1976 to 1982? You got to see the best and the worst of the Reds in that time frame, eh?