John Fay has another interesting article today, this time about Brandon Claussen and his work out of the bullpen recently.

Let’s start with this statement: Claussen deserves to be in the starting rotation to start the season. Now, the Reds’ explanation is that the Reds won’t need a fifth starter for a few weeks, because of all the off-days built into the schedule. Therefore, they are getting Claussen work in the pen to prepare for that; i.e., they want to know which of their pitchers are able both to start and relieve.

However, if we get a couple of weeks into the season, and Claussen is pitching well out of the pen, don’t be surprised to see Miley say something like, “He’s doing so well in relief, we couldn’t justify putting him into the rotation.” Just watch: they’ll say something like that to explain why Jeriome Robertson is the fifth starter.

Yes, I’m cynical. But, believe me, it’s borne out of a desire to see the Reds be the best team they can be.

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  1. Bill

    I would say it’s not cynicism as much as experience watching the way this team has been run, in addition to the propensity of this team to favor veterans over younger players (no matter what the cost in terms of dollars or future success).