Today’s Dayton Daily News had a couple of interesting notes on Reds pitching.

Luke Hudson claims he’s had no pain for the last few days and expects to be throwing again in two or three days.

Also, Alonzo Powell made the following comments on some of his staff for the upcoming season with the Dayton Dragons:

Manager Alonzo Powell is excited about the prospects of his pitching staff at Class A Dayton this year.

The Dragons will have right-hander Homer Bailey, the Reds’ No. 1 draft pick last June, and right-hander Chris Gruler, the team’s No. 1 draft pick in 2002, who was limited to 11 starts last season due to shoulder problems.

“Gruler has looked good down here,” Powell said, “but remember the name Rafael Gonzalez, our fourth-round pick last year out of the Bronx. He may be more polished than Bailey right now.”

3 Responses

  1. DevilsAdvocate

    Dayton looks to have a full rotation of prospects, then. They will also have Tyler Pelland and possibly Ramon Ramirez, who each had some success at Billings last year. Pelland got his clock cleaned in Dayton to start 2004, however (8.66 ERA in 45 IP!), so this’ll be his second stint as a Dragon.

    Incidentally, Pelland pitched 123 innings between Dayton & Billings. I think I saw a Reds’ claim a month or two ago that their new limits program for pitchers below double-A kept them all at 109 innings or less. It’s tough to rack up that many innings in the lower minors.

  2. Chris Eling

    Checked my facts: single-A Potomac featured three pitchers with 120+ IP, so I must have misread that claim. Maybe it was IP in games started or something silly like that. Or worse, maybe claim only applied to those identified as “prospects”?

  3. Luke Lefurge

    Where is Tyler Pelland, I din’t see him on the Dragon’s roster?