Pena is having a bad spring, Kearns is tearing it up, as is Rob Stratton. McCoy notes this in today’s Dayton Daily News.

Pena is hitting .138 with one double and 11 strikeouts in 28 at-bats.

There are rumblings in the scouting fraternity that the Reds might part with Pena for a starting pitcher, especially with the pitching staff stumbling along so far this spring, a 7.05 earned run average.

Trading Pena would make room for Rob “Man Mountain” Stratton, the bashing behemoth (270 pounds) who hit his fourth home run of the spring Monday, a three-run eighth-inning game-winning smash that lifted the Reds to a 7-5 win over the Detroit Tigers.

Todays Cincy Post also notes the following:

Former Reds coach Jose Cardenal was in town for the second straight day, doing some scouting for the Washington Nationals. Cardenal said he’d be here for Wednesday’s game, too.

So knowing how Bowden loves Pena, there may be something brewing. Hometown boy Zach Day maybe? Stay tuned.

10 Responses

  1. Bill

    The only problem with this scenario, IMO, is that it takes one of the promising young pitchers out of the rotation…Harang or Claussen most likely. You know it won’t effect Milton, Wilson, or Ortiz.

  2. Steve

    Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic. A classic desperation move at the risk of the future of the team; that’s what it is.

    Unless our, ahem, crackpot scouts have determined that Wily Mo Pena will never develop those tools into a solid player.

    Better yet…”since he strikes out so much, had the big home run season last year, is our “fourth” outfielder (can we have enough?), and is nearing arbitration, we need to deal him while we can.”

    To the detriment of not pitching the minor league guys who are ready to give it a whirl.

    I’m a big believer in not rushing arms to the majors (see Brian Reith), but when it’s time to check, it’s time to look.

    Any, anyway, since when did our fourth outfielder not get near fulltime play? I believe, it was, what about 1976?

  3. CG Hudson

    God help us all if all the Reds would get for Pena is a Zach Day. Anything less than Hernandez plus a throw-in and it’s assault and battery by its former GM. Livan might be as close to an actually attainable magic bullet as the Reds are liable to get seeing as he throws about four hundred innings a season.

  4. Tyler

    Well Alez Sanchez has been released by the Tigers. I don’t know, but would Bowden be looking at him?

  5. Chris

    Any move that’s based on two weeks of half-a$$ed spring training games is a sign of idiocy. So Pena’s off to a slow start and Stratton’s raking – does that change what either guy has done in the past, or is expected to do in the future? Same goes for the starting pitching – it was supposedly adequate two weeks ago.

  6. CG Hudson

    I agree that one shouldn’t make changes based solely on Spring Training performance but Pena is a guy that has been pilloried by the Sabermetric crowd within the last two years when he was merely Bowden’s toolsy infatuation of the month rather than the next Slammin Sammy. Even on the outside chance that he turns into that, if you can move Wily for GOOD starting pitching (read: not Milton) now, then I say go for it. Kearns and Dunn will be fine in the OF and it’s alot easier to paper over the third slot when Griffey goes down either from within or outside the organization than most any other position on the field (assuming mgt knows what they’re doing and doesn’t turn cheap again, neither of which is a small order with Reds Inc.). “Flags fly forever” as they say….

  7. Chris

    It’s one thing to be a toolsy infatuation. It’s another to hit 26 HR in 336 ABs (.527 SLG) at age 22.

    WMP’s top 10 similarity scores, by age 22:

    Pete Incaviglia (966)
    Willie Horton (960)
    Reggie Jackson (953)
    Willie Mays (952)
    Ruppert Jones (949)
    Mel Hall (944)
    Steve Kemp (941)
    Barry Bonds (939)
    Jeff Burroughs (938)
    Dave Winfield (937)

  8. Steve

    Chris, you make it sound like those extremely similar 22 year old players were stars or something…or that they had great careers…

    While it’s not guaranteed, it would truly be shortsighted to deal him for a pitcher…if they’re looking for pitching, the move is Casey for a pitcher.

  9. Tom

    McCoy has another note in the Dayton Daily news today on Cardenal scouting Pena. So it appears they are definitely targeting Pena.


  10. Tom

    There are still some rumblings on this issue from McCoy in today’s Dayton Daily News, and from Thurs. Washington Post. These articles both mention both Zack Day and Livan Hernandez as the pitchers the Reds might be interested in. From the Washington Post:

    The Reds want pitching, and a baseball source said they have inquired about Zach Day and even Livan Hernandez. No deal seems even close right now, but the Nationals are going to monitor Peña closely over the next week.