Line up from Thursday’s game…Aurilia homered and had a sacrifice fly…I’m really hoping this isn’t the future….with Dunn hitting sixth (right hander on the mound). Milton “pitched to contact”, allowing six hits in three innings, walking none and striking out two.

Jimenez 2b
Aurilia SS
Casey 1b
Griffey DH
Kearns RF
Dunn LF
Randa 3B
Pena CF
LaRue C

One Response

  1. Peter

    Even though line-up positioning is overrated i agree with you. When your 3-6 guys have better OBP than your 1-3 it’s time to re-evaluate the thinking process. I loved it last year when Adam Dunn led off. He’s got the highest OBP on the team, decent wheels, and good instincts (he’s had a high SB% his whole career). So what if he hit 46 homers last year? The majority of those were solo anyway. I would guess his RBI total would only drop by about ten if you hit him lead-off, but he would probably score 140 runs.