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Although the Reds claim to be set for the season, keep an eye out for a trade or two prior to the start of the season. Because Josh Hancock, Brandon Claussen and Luke Hudson are out of options, it’s going to be impossible for the club to put all three on the pitching staff if Aaron Harang makes the rotation. The Reds might be looking to deal one of the hurlers rather than risk losing them to a waiver claim. . . .

This would make perfect sense to me and I wouldn’t find it surprising. Moving one of the losers for the rotation may free up a spot in the pen for someone who impresses this spring, like Coffey. Hancock seems least likely to make the rotation and most likely to bloom in the back of the pen to me. I’d have no problems if he was dealt. Claussen needs to start in my estimation, I really want to see him win the 5th spot. Harang I think will win the 4th spot. That leaves Hudson, who’s arm is not loose enough for the pen. I believe he may be at risk of being dealt if he is unable to recover from his sore arm and start pitching well soon. He has the best credentials from late last season, but I fear he is still a little short on command and will only dissapoint us this season. I would not be real sad if they were able to deal him for something at the end of spring if he is unable to win one of the starting spots.

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