Foxsports ranks third baseman Edwin Encarnacion as the # 6 prospect in all of baseball for 2005….the accolades for this young man are growing like crazy. The Rob Bell for Ruben Mateo-Encarnacion may still pay off in a big way. Richie Gardner is # 50 and Joey Votto is # 79 in this study.

4 Responses

  1. Tom

    Wow, number 6!

    Yeah, I agree with the author he played his gut feeling a bit too much. I’m seeing Encarnacion as being much like an Aaron Boone, a bit above average hitting 3B, with a little speed. Encarnacion put up a pretty similar season at AA Chatt. last season as Boone did there when he was 23:

    Yr Name Age Avg SLG OBP OPS
    96 Boone 23 .288 .487 .339 .826
    04 Encarnacion 21 .281 .443 .352 .795

    I’d look for him to put up OPS numbers in the .800 to .850 range. Those are solid numbers, but not what I’d expect from the 6th best prospect in MLB. I’d be expecting them to give me something more in the .900 OPS range.


  2. Peter

    well, he was a little young for AA last year, tom. i think that’s why those numbers look so good to some of the scouting and stat people. if he can do the same at AAA this year he’ll be starter in 2006. and for the record, i think he’s going to be awful good. the power is coming along, and the speed is there. those are the two best indicators of future success.

  3. Tom

    I’ll say he was certainly young for a AA last year as far being a Red’s prospect. Only because the Red’s are not used to having good ones. I’d say he is right on track age and level wise for a good player who was not drafted out of college:

    Lg Age
    R 18
    A 19
    A+ 20
    AA 21
    AAA 22
    MLB 23

    I agree those are good numbers, and he adjusted well to the new level, one for which he failed at the beginning of last season, when they attempted to have him try skipping A+. I think he’s going to be a good 3B for a long time in the majors, starting next season. I just don’t think he’s going to be one of the best 3B in the league, nor deserving of the #6 prospect rank. In my opinion, a player ranked in the top ten is already putting up monster numbers in the minors and very commonly skips a level on his way through the minors. He’s just shown an average batting eye and power, those are the only two things keeping him from deserving this lofty ranking. I look forward to him replacing Randa at 3B next season.


  4. Peter

    I’m not questioning the timeframe (not yet anyway), i simply think the boone/encarnacion comparison is unfair. edwin is clearly ahead of where boone was in terms of development. although, all this could go back to the fact that i dislike aaron and was ecstatic when we dumped his high strikeout/low OBP/overrated fielding on the yanks.
    but i digress, i think the rating may be too high (what do scouts know anyway?), but i think it is fair to look at a player’s age and success at a particular level and be optimistic.