In case you didn’t catch them, here’s some pictures from spring training.

2 Responses

  1. bill

    I think the Reds were wise to resign Paul Wilson. He may not be a traditional #1, but he is an asset to the organization. Wasn’t it just a couple years ago the Reds were deciding between having Jimmy Haynes or Joey Hamilton start the first ballgame at Great American Ball Park? I’ll take Milton, Wilson and Ortiz over the Reds’ recent top end of the rotation.

    And why the beef with Hal? I’ll watch your journalistic performance throughout the first half of the season and do a comparison at the all-star break. I hope y’all break more stories, and do less analysis of those who cover the team on a daily basis.

  2. Chris

    I agree that Wilson is an improvement over Haynes and Hamilton (though that’s like saying a punch in the arm is better than a punch in the face or gut). Wilson’s a league-average pitcher, and has been fairly durable. I’m fine with having him, and even with his salary. I just wish our best starter was better than average.

    I think I’ve explained my complaints about McCoy’s writing, or rather, the content of some of his stories (the writing itself is fine). Breaking stories is his department, not ours. While I did go journalism school a long time ago, on this site I’m just a guy stating his opinion. I don’t think we’re going to break many stories sitting our respective homes and working our day jobs. I suggest this, though – keep track of how many (true) stories each of the Reds beat writers actually breaks. I’d be interested to know which, if any, are doing so.