I agree with JD’s take on Paul Wilson. And his take on Hal McCoy, for that matter.

2 Responses

  1. Chris

    I’ve always been somewhat muted in my criticism of Hal McCoy, for a few reasons: (1) He’s always been really gracious, candid, and quick to reply when I’ve emailed him; (2) He’s a friend of my family (though doesn’t know me from Adam), and the best seats I’ve ever had at a Reds game were courtesy of Hal; and (3) He lived in the next town over from where I grew up, and his son played basketball against each other (okay, he played – I sat) and we have several mutual friends.

    That said, today’s article was disgraceful. He did everything but lick Wilson’s…shoes (see Chad, I can keep it clean). It was really embarassing to read.

  2. bill

    I think the Reds were wise to resign Paul Wilson. He may not be a traditional #1, but he is an asset to the organization. Wilson, like Barry Larkin, is a positive role model to the younger ballplayers. Plus, the ballclub doesn’t have better options to place on the mound. Wasn’t it just a couple years ago the Reds were deciding between having Jimmy Haynes or Joey Hamilton start the first ballgame at Great American Ball Park? I’ll take Milton, Wilson and Ortiz over the Reds’ recent top end of the rotation.

    And what’s with the beef with Hal? Write him a letter/email and give him the opportunity to respond to your claims. I find it somewhat of a disgrace to post such dribble behind someone’s back, on a little seen blog.

    Other than that, I ‘m enjoying the site. I do hope to see more original and individual perspective/feedback on the ballclub, and less commentary on the work of others(McCoy, Fay, etc).