2005 Reds

Today’s game

Great stuff today, guys.

As I work, I’m listening to today’s spring opener against Tampa Bay via MLB.com. Finally, it really feels like baseball season has started. Spring is here. Life is good.

UPDATE: Adam Dunn just got the first RBI of the spring. Life is really good.
UPDATE 2: Homer by the man who should be LaRue’s backup: Bobby Estallela. Life is extremely good.

5 thoughts on “Today’s game

  1. If Valentin is slowed by that back injury, Estallela may sneak onto the roster. He bats righty, so that would mean that Cruz certainly makes the team (no other lefies on the bench).

  2. I want to see Stratton on the roster. He did well in the Reds vs Reds games. But I rather see Estella over Valentin.

  3. I agree with Tyler. Stratton will be fun to watch at GAB sometime this year if they give him a chance.

  4. A question on Stratton, I can’t remember which OF positions he plays. Anybody know? I think its LF or RF but not sure.

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