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Big article on Danny Graves in today’s Cincinnati Enquirer (by John Fay)

Here’s the story.

Best thing about the article is that Graves admits he was terrible last year. Fay seems to be making the problem of the blown saves was Graves being used before the 9th inning.

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  1. I looked at this b.s. excuse a couple weeks ago. I don’t have the numbers handy (’s game logs tell it), but it’s nonsense. Graves blew (IIRC) 2 saves where he pitched more than 1 inning – and both times he did so within a couple batters, then stayed around in a tie game.

    Plus, if a guy is good enough to pitch the 9th, how can pitching the 8th be a problem?? Get the tough outs, Danny, whenever we need you. Goose Gossage is rolling over in his condo.

  2. I just pictured the Goose rolling around in his living room floor. It was good for a chuckle. Thanks, Chris!

  3. Graves used to pitch more than one inning; may be he needs to stretch his arm rather than the tattoo needle.
    Worse part about him acknowledging he was terrible means he won’t be traded…if the guy in denial admits his failings you can bet the other teams know it too.

  4. I lost all respect for Graves as a pitcher when he made his half hearted effort at being a starter in 2003. You ever heard of a major league pitcher who couldn’t throw from a windup. I thought that was sad.

  5. He was not the best Reds closer ever. He had the most saves for the Reds, but that doesn’t make him the best closer.

    Any one of the “Nasty Boys” were better than Graves. Also, John Franco was the closer for the Reds in the Late 80’s. You can’t tell me that Graves was or is better than Franco while he was a Red.

  6. I take that back, Myers and Franco were better. Dibble didn’t perform for as long, but was pretty dominant for a strech. Charlton my have never been as good.

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