2005 Reds

Today’s intrasquad game

Looks like Marc Lancaster is blogging today’s game once again.

Highlights so far: Luis Lopez homer, and Wily Mo Pena infield single. No, I didn’t get that mixed up.

UPDATE: By the way, via Marc, here are the starting pitchers for the first few Grapefruit League games:

Thursday at Devil Rays: Wilson (vs. Rob Bell)
Friday vs. Devil Rays: Harang (vs. Hideo Nomo)
Saturday vs. Red Sox: Milton (vs. Bronson Arroyo)
Sunday at Yankees: Ortiz
Monday afternoon at Pirates: Wilson
Monday evening vs. Pirates: Hancock

2 thoughts on “Today’s intrasquad game

  1. I read the other day that Jimmy Haynes was going to start for Tampa on Friday. Why are we being denied that pleasure?

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