Dear Nation, Chad Dotson founded Redleg Nation in 2005. He did it to create an independent site for obsessive and civil discussion of the Cincinnati Reds. Thirteen years later, we’re proud to say RN is going strong: still independent, civil and definitely obsessive. Once a year, we make a case for you to support the […]

I get that teams are pitching around Joey Votto. The guys batting behind him haven’t been much of a threat. But if you’re wondering why the Reds offense has been so bad, start with Votto’s lack of power. Out of 186 qualified batters in the major leagues, Votto’s isolated power (ISO) is .014, which is […]

Well, Bryan Price or not, the Reds (3-16) are still who we thought they were. Believe it or not, Jim Riggleman couldn’t fix everything in one game. Brandon Finnegan was erratic and the offense continued to look hapless in a 4-2 defeat against the Cardinals (11-8) on Friday night. The Reds have now scored two […]

I recently wrote an article on the worst starts in Reds modern history. The term “modern history” for most Reds fans is the 1956 season– Frank Robinson’s rookie year. But now– after a 3-15 start– the 2018 Cincinnati Reds are reaching very dangerous territory. The 1931 Reds started off 2-17. From 1931-1934, the Reds were […]

I don’t even know what to say at this point. I do not understand what is going on. Certainly, Finnegan was not great, but the Cardinals only scored 4 runs today. The Reds should be able to win games like that. There was reason to think the team might regress offensively this year, but this […]

The post-Price era begins today. What should’ve been a routine off-day in the middle of April turned into quite the eventful ordeal yesterday, as the Reds (3-15) fired manager Bryan Price and pitching coach Mack Jenkins after an abysmal start to the season. Today will mark the first game with former bench coach Jim Riggleman […]

Yakyu shonen — you may not know the words but you know the type. He’s Roy Hobbs, battling back from a gunshot wound to rip the cover off the ball. He’s Henry Skrimshander, perfecting the art of fielding and going from Westish College to the first round of the draft. He’s Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez, […]

Well, now that Bryan Price is gone, the Reds are sure to make the postseason! Right? They only have to win…wait, 3-15?!? This man managed the team to 3-15?! Is it even possible to make the playoffs at this point? So the short answer is: Yes and no. Before diving into the various semantics of […]

Jason Linden joined me this week to discuss the firing of Reds manager Bryan Price, and what it means for the current version of the ol’ Redlegs. We also did a deep dive into our expectations for the rest of the 2018 season, and we even passed a little judgment on the current state of […]

The official Reds Twitter account @Reds has followed on the announcement of Bryan Price’s replacement as Reds manager with a series of Tweets featuring quotes from GM Dick Williams and interim manager Jim Riggleman. The theme of the day is that this is a time for urgency; and, the team should must not be comfortable […]

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you hear? The Reds played some baseball badly. BURN IT DOWN!!!! TORCH IT!!!! FIRE SALE!!!!! Going out of business!!! We got your Suarez, 70% off. We got your Votto, FREE! Just carry him out of the store!!!! A few selected items are still at a premium – FOR NOW – but rest assured, […]

The Reds traded RHP Ariel Hernandez to Los Angeles Dodgers for RHP Zach Neal and 1B Ibandel Isabel. Hernadez had been DFA to make 40 man roster space to enable the Reds to promote Dylan Floro to the big league bullpen. Hernandez has great stuff but has long battled command issues as shown by his […]